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Tramadol is a morphine derived drug that is widely used for its effectiveness in relieving moderate to severe pain. The strong analgesic effect of tramadol makes it a first-class drug in the treatment of pain both at the nerve and joint level, as well as caused by cancer, surgery, physical trauma, childbirth and invasive diagnostic techniques.

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Regarding its effectiveness, in the study, researchers assessed tramadol's behavior in treating pain after various types of surgery. They observed that 85% of the patients felt no pain after 16 hours of work and could maintain good pain relief. On the other hand, it was mentioned that a dose of 100 mg of tramadol is comparable to 10 mg of morphine with regard to the potency and duration of its analgesic effect. It was also shown that the benefits of tramadol delivery remained unchanged among the groups of patients who underwent various operations.

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